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Cinnamon Network is a catalyst for the church to serve and transform their community and city. We help the church by strengthening networks, replicating best practice and measuring impact.

An arm of MOVEMENT.ORG, LEAD.NYC focuses on training and equipping
NYC-area pastors, marketplace and ministry leaders.

10 Zip Codes Project
LEAD.NYC + Cinnamon Network US

We are working together to launch a bold new five-year program to incubate and measure transformational church-led programs within the ten most vulnerable zip codes across metro-New York. Working with church, community, civic, and marketplace leaders, LEAD.NYC and Cinnamon Network U.S., will bring focused and collaborative interventions into these communities, starting with two zip codes this year, and then adding two additional communities every year for the next five years. This measured approach is designed to help ensure that the programs implemented are nurtured and supported to create lasting and measurable impact.

Cinnamon Faith Action Audits

The Cinnamon Faith Action Audit is a tool we have developed to help the church measure the contribution and impact it makes in a specific place, community or city. The results from each audit are shared through numbers and stories to create new opportunities for the church to partner with government and other civic agencies. We are going to be supporting 50 cities across the United States to do a Cinnamon Faith Action Audit. The findings will also be aggregated and published in a report that will be presented to the Federal Government. Would you like to help your city do a Cinnamon Faith Action Audit?

For more information on the 10 Zip Codes Project, go to  https://lead.nyc/10-zip-codes-project/

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